Crystal Thomas


     Hi, I’m Crystal Thomas and I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2005. I was interested in expanding my background in the cosmetology field so I began working full-time at a Dermatology & Cosmetic practice, while continuing to work part-time at a salon. After several months in the dermatology practice, I realized I missed providing direct service to clients. I really enjoyed helping a client to feel her best.

     I met women who wanted to look and feel years younger. Countless women had tried different ways to recapture the way their eyelashes had looked before. Many of them had tried serums that promised to re-grow eyelashes, some experienced poor results, and some experienced undesirable side effects. This sparked my interest to research options and products that could maximize the appearance of eyelashes without undesirable side effects. My thorough research has led me to believe that the best product line on the market is Xtreme Lashes® and it’s AMPLIF®eye™ lash and brow fortifier.

     I returned full-time to the Cosmetology profession and took my first training class in October of 2011. When I returned home I started scheduling models and got right to work putting lashes on everyone. By the end of November I had over 27 very happy and energized models. This was the beginning of my new craft. In February 2012, I returned to complete and obtain my certification as an Xtreme Lashes Stylist. Ill continue share my love for lashes and help others regain their youthful look by offering clients this unique and highly beneficial service.

     Xtreme Lashes offers intense training, high performance standards, and a line of cosmetic products to enhance and compliment its lashes. I am proud of being named an Xtreme Lash Stylist of the month back in January 2013!

     In June 2013, I attended the Advanced Lash Training which allowed me to obtain even more material and skill sets so I can be the best Lash Stylist that I can be.

     What does the future hold? I have always wanted to be a teacher. Being able to teach what I love would be a dream come true. So as I continue to gain experience my next goal would be to become an Xtreme Lashes Trainer and share the love of the craft with others.

Danielle Housel

danielle (2).jpg

Hi Everyone!

I’m Danielle, the Lead Esthetician at Styles By Crystal Salon! I received my license in Advanced Esthetics from Brown Aveda Institute in June 2019 and I must say it’s been an amazing ride since then- I absolutely love the beauty industry and the changes in trends! It definitely keeps it exciting!

My speciality is Eyelash Extensions. I am Xtreme Lashes Advanced Certified. I am also certified in Elleebana Lash Lifts, DermaplanePro Dermaplaning,
and Brow Lamination.

What I love most about my career?

It is SO rewarding seeing clients look in the mirror after a service. They just seem to sparkle with a set of lashes on. I love knowing I just made someone’s morning easier. I love the youthful look lashes give. Not only that but I really enjoy talking skin care and helping my clients skin transform! It truly is amazing! I love giving someone an extra boost of confidence and providing the relaxation they look forward too when they come see me!

I am so grateful to be a part of this industry and I am so blessed to have such amazing clients. It is my pleasure to be at your service.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and a special thank you to Crystal for being an amazing role model and helping me become the esthetician I am today.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!️

Ashley Dombrowski

Dombrowski, Ashley 2.JPG

Hi, I’m Ashley Dombrowski and I’m an esthetician at Styles By Crystal. I have always had a passion for all things beauty which is what made me decide to go to school. I studied advanced esthetics at Brown Aveda Institute and graduated in August of 2020. I received my advanced esthetics license in November of 2020.

I specialize in brows and lashes. I am certified in lash extensions with Xtreme Lashes. I am also certified with Elleebana in lash lifts, brow lamination and brow henna. I am eager to continue training to add to my list of services in the future! That’s one of my favorite things about being in this industry. The opportunities are endless and there is always room to grow.

I decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry because helping people feel confident in themselves brings me so much joy and is something I am truly passionate about. Seeing a client’s face light up when they look in the mirror after a service is by far my favorite thing about this career.

I am so happy to have a career in this industry and to be a part of the amazing team here at Styles by Crystal. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey and thank you to Crystal and Danielle for being such great role models.